Month: February 2017

Keeping A Butterfly: 2.18.17

________________________________________________________________________________________ 2/18/17 past midnight The only way to keep a butterfly in your hand is to kill it. But then, even so, it is gone. ******** ________________________________________________________________________________________  

The Other Side: 2.17.17

________________________________________________________________________________________ 2/17/17 past midnight On the other side of passion is a dark, black, nothingness. Which is the scarier place to be?  ________________________________________________________________________________________

Seeing: 2.15.17

________________________________________________________________________________________ 2/15/17 10:27pm Oh my God. I see you now. I see You, now. How on Earth did I miss this? And how you love me. How you love me so painfully mundanely that mundane ceases to exist. It is ripped away to floating through starlight as you sit there at your computer, caring about Read More …

Love Poems: 2.14.17

__________________________________________________________________________________ 2/14/17 4:36am Love poems today. *****     __________________________________________________________________________________    

Pulse: 2.11.17

__________________________________________________________________________________________ 2/11/17 10:25am There is cold air at my bare back this morning as I write. My yellow comforter wrapped about my front. My wrists resting on the the keyboard cause my entire laptop to jump with my own pulse. I notice this through the reflection of the window behind me on the screen in Read More …

Cafe Conversation: 2.8.17

__________________________________________________________________________________________ 2/8/17 12:24pm Trying to form thoughts in a cafe and distracted by the conversation happening next to me… ***** What is it to really live your values? The ground breaking up beneath your feet… “…That’s the word that keeps popping up in my head, everywhere I go in this town: Personality. You can feel Read More …

The Question Between Us: 2.7.17

__________________________________________________________________________________________ 2/7/17 1:25pm This misty morning at 3am, I walked to contemplate presence on the planet. I stopped by a bush and stared into it. A question appeared between us: When was it that we all stopped being able to hear you? * We breathe together, feeding the other’s needs to survive, you know. * We Read More …

Decided: 1.31.17

__________________________________________________________________________________________ 1/31/17 7:03pm And where have we been that we no longer bend to touch the ground with our bare hands and give thanks?  Our backs against tree trunks, eyes against the green,  knowing this is enough.  When was it decided that all is against us? Our backs against nothing, braced for the blows of Read More …