(NOTE TO SELF) Ok. New thing. Perhaps I will try writing early or event the night before. But it may feel like betrayal to write at night, yet post on the next day. The same window of time per day would probably make this process more reliable to myself. 


Today we must remember LOVE. I share this quote from a blog post of mine, On Loving Anger, written back in June: 

“Our deepest rage comes from our deepest love for ourself, I believe. So let us feel the rage because we are feeling love. But there is work involved – working with the anger to incite change for our own betterment, our own Evolution of Self and Consciousness, rather than ripping the world apart.”

Yesterday a large population of very angry Americans made a point. And because our culture is currently built upon fear and anger these people saw no other way to heal than to look towards a man who gave a loud voice to their fears. What we might forget right now is that Love is always on the other side of all that we do. There is love behind their choice or there could not have been such passionate involvement. Those of us who are tuned in to the deeper pulse of this Earth must now seek not to stoop low and blame whatever we feel it is (lack of education, ignorance, racism, sexism, the power of celebrity, hatred, idiotic lack of awareness….the list can go on and on) on why this has happened. But seek to grow stronger and rise above, through loving even who we see as the enemy, and pave a clearer path towards Unity for those who cannot see it.

 “Even power built upon corruption and greed is a power that is loved, or one wouldn’t have worked so hard for it.”  The Daily, 11.2.16

How can we love those we disagree with just as they are? How can we see those we feel have harmed us, and are harming us, as perfect just as they are? For they are viewing us with the same lowness that we view them. We can never truly come together until actually seek to understand, rather than judge, each other. Until we can listen to the other side. If the other side is unwilling to sit with us, how can we continue to offer them our assistance and camaraderie despite their seeming hateful behavior towards us? 

I don’t have these answers yet, but am sitting with the questions.


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