Cafe Conversation: 2.8.17




Trying to form thoughts in a cafe and distracted by the conversation happening next to me…


What is it to really live your values?

The ground breaking up beneath your feet…

“…That’s the word that keeps popping up in my head, everywhere I go in this town: Personality. You can feel the history of it. Hershey is a company town. It’s very much, here are your boring company houses. It’s very much geared towards upper middle class, white people.”

Loud voices piercing through though the surrounding, cozy nature of the rest of the cafe. I’m wondering about the piercing nature of things…

“…No more pets. They all kicked the bucket, except for the youngest cat, who got away.”

“Enjoy the game of it all,” keeps coming back into my head. But what does this all mean…

“…Puppetry of Church. Mom, we need to do this.”

…So if it’s all a game…how does one disengage. How do you float? If there aren’t any chains… 

“…I can handle most forms of absurdity. Yes.”

…if there aren’t any chains, what is freedom exactly? I’m quite disjointed here.

“…The interesting thing about Christian puppetry is – they have festivals, just like we do, but there is only one type of puppetry that you’ll see. It’s all the same Christian songs sung as a parody…but yeah.”

“…Yeah, I mean, They saw the same twenty billion shows I saw. I wonder why they haven’t expanded from there.”

Puppets? This is very curious. But is it curious enough that I’ll actually go seek out where and when to attend a Christian puppet show? 

“…Dalrod (is that what he said?) Ministry, which is hot right now. They basically make movements with the Dalrod (what’s a Dalrod?) to make Jesus gestures. They make movements with the sticks to corresponding lyrics to Christian songs….that has the potential to be very interesting…”

What am I trying to say anymore?

“Puppet people are the best. …they are so forthcoming. Everyone is really down and dirty. I’m trying to accomplish this ridiculous thing, with this thing I made out of garbage, and they’ll really get in there and help you do it.”

Hmmm…that’s sound inspiration. Who cares what’s happening, but let’s all get in there and make sure it happens together. …wait…what was I trying to say about really living out your true values…and chains?




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