Angel Falls: 1.10.17




I watched a nature documentary which discussed Angel Falls, the highest waterfall in the world, located in Venezuela. It’s majesty was depicted on screen via very skilled camera work. I thought to myself, that is a place I’d really like to see with my own eyes. Then immediately the voice of all my questions came to me asking, “But what if you never get to see it? Will you be sad?”  And I decided I would not be, under the idea that, intuitively, we know all experiences, since we are all One Consciousness. Thus, as someone else’s eyes have seen it and captured it via camera, so have I seen it from a metaphysical space and time. 


I am not sure if that’s the best response or a cop out to life’s experiences. Couldn’t we all then just sit around staring at the wall knowing we are experiencing everything? What kind of world would that be?


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