Xenophobics Anonymous: 12.20.16




Dictionary.com states that its  2016 “Word of the Year” is Xenophobiafear or hatred of foreigners, people from different cultures, or strangers. The site states there were huge spikes in the look-up of this word during Brexit and the US Presidential race this year. After Brexit, the British Home Office reported a 41% increase in hate crimes the month following the EU referendum. I know here on US soil we are seeing a similar trend. 


What is there to fear? Seriously? I have a great dream of a global sit-down where we hash this shit out, non-violently. What do we want? What does everyone want? We go around the massive circle and name it. What are you afraid of from this person and that person and why? And we go around the massive circle and name it. Resources, money, power, and control. What truly are the benefits of that, if we are all aiming to claim it all for ourself and ourself alone? Then there is ALWAYS someone to fear. Having all the power of the whole world, I imagine is the most fear ridden life of all. You are always on the brink of losing it. 


We are a world of toddlers, having none of us been taught to share. Let’s grow up together. Why not? We already fear we’re all going to kill each other, if not directly then by environmental destruction based on greed. So why not just hold hands. Of course we’ll fear death in that scenario too. But at least it’ll be a different tactic than the same old story that hasn’t yet worked for the millennia we’ve been trying it out.