In One Day: 12.28.16



past midnight

What is a day? Truly? Those twenty-four hours and how we measure them and decide whether they were well spent or not. Wasted or productive. I did not write yesterday. I almost did not write “today” – in actuality, I did not write for two days straight – this blog post, counted for the 28th, is actually being written in the wee hours of the 29th of December. This blog category is titled “The Daily,” but it is not. It is actually the “Almost Daily.” And so I am a liar it seems. Or unreliable. Or not as productive as I could be. Or none of these things. I can always change the name of the category to the “Almost Daily,” and what would really be wrong about that? And what is actually realistic to expect within the twenty-four hour period we deem one day? I do not have the answer. Any number of things can happen within even one minute. A life can be saved or lost. A proposal happens. A billion-dollar deal is sealed. A gold medal won. A bomb explodes. An earthquake. A car-crash. A graduation. Or nothing of note whatsoever. Perhaps it is a day spent resting. Perhaps a day spent wondering what to do with one’s self. Perhaps a day spent almost exactly like the previous hundreds of days. Something old, something new, something false, something true. Failure or success. 


What if none of it matters at all? They are all a choice of life; thus valid. So one may work hard or one may sit on one’s ass. Both are possibilities, thus neither a better choice, but what we believe so. I just have questions questions questions all the time about whether or not I’ve spent a worthy day. And is that really getting me anywhere? But where is there to get to? Truly. If you think about it. We all stay here, until we don’t. And some days we do need to rest and recharge. In fact, it is all we can muster to do. And what does that mean then? Why do we wish to work so hard? But then, there is great value in working even when we do not feel like it. This too is an incredibly valuable experience of life, and something I am still learning to understand and push to experience. 


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