Folding Laundry: 7.27.17




Folding laundry on my bed. So simple. So simple.

I think of Men. And of Love.

Tremendous searing love like Oh that’s me! That’s me! That’s All of me there with you, all of you (each one of you and singularly ALL of the preciousness of each individual you) in my memory of how perfectly we each were held by our moment together,

                        until my eyes are guided to the window of my whole life; this same window pane, and this same view of the trees and the grass, and the bit of sky I see from this particular angle. And me, oh me, standing here – I am coming from above myself now – how precious I am to feel so sad at short lived joys, like an entire life. 


Suddenly already, the laundry has been folded. Suddenly already.




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