Consideration for Calluses: 7.17.17




Today I consider the calluses on my feet.

Should I scrape them away

when they are produced by the raw power of my power,

walking determinately across the varying terrains of my life,

regardless of protective footwear?

Footwear will not decide the pace or strength of my stride

for if I feel constricted, the shoes will fly off my feet.

My skin will rub into the concrete, and stones and dirt

if need be, and there shall my calluses be utilized in the fullness

of their abilities.

Even so, that I may twirl across a dance floor

where more grip is needed to tether my slide.

They are armor,

which has its moments of being necessary and deservedly glorified.

So should I scrape them away for the sake of appearing dainty and unoffensive?

That my smoothness, rather than my roughness, may be enjoyed by others?

No, certainly not.

Today I honor them.

Tomorrow, I may wish to be smooth for my own sake.

And to witness the determined rebirthing of my calluses,

as determined as I run.





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