Seeking Diamonds: 12.15.16




I last wrote a week ago. Too bad for the days missed, but here I am again. Yes, (perhaps, alas?) here I am.


How do you seek a diamond if you are not yet ready to see it? 


A memory popped up today on my Facebook feed, as they do; from two years ago. The date was wrong, however. It was a post from December 12, not December 14. As this was the only time I’ve ever seen the great FB get the date wrong on a memory, I paid extra attention. The post was this:

“And with the sun rises hope behind the trees like a mystery to unravel as the day does, until night falls and you may or may not be holding a diamond in your hand.” 



I was single at that time. I had a lot of time to wander on my own and explore my existence. Reading posts from that time, I see so much inspiration in them. So much gratitude. So much elevated thought. I feel I was far more in flow with my creativity at that time as compared to now. But perhaps that perception is skewed. I do not know. What I do know is that I do not know and I’m feeling lost within myself. 


Am I holding the diamond or not? I cannot know until I’m truly ready to see and know the diamond.


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