Lessons Learned From the Mold in the Fridge: 12.30.16



past midnight

It was Clean Out The Fridge day today and as usual it was a spectacular science show! As well as a harsh reminder of how much money we waste on uneaten food. But that is for another blog post. Tonight, I want to discuss the mold. An astounding array of species of mold had decided to live on the food in our fridge. One was particularly eye-catching – please see the pictures below. This particular type of mold is called Mucor Mucedo and I read that it is, in fact, quite dangerous if ingested (while other types merely indicate decay, but are not harmful if accidentally eaten). It was growing on old rice. 

Imagine if this was not mold, but a delicate group of crystals growing up from rock. It’s really quite a beautiful formation of life on this Earth, there in my fridge. Life bursting forth from the death of something else, healthy and thriving. The mysteries of creation and the universe are happening all around us and we often don’t notice. Or we recoil and are afraid. We even see no value in this miracle being shown to us. But I’m sure even this toxic mold beholds benefits to humans we have never thought to discover (or perhaps we have, and I just haven’t found the information on it yet). Yet, a majority of people will quickly throw this away without even examining it or thinking about it. I did throw it away, but wondered what I might be missing. This is truly an abundant universe. Will we choose to see it? And will I be able to remember this lesson and utilize it in some way as I continue forward? Let the mysteries of life unfold, please!



Rutile Crystals



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