Movement Answer: 11.13.16






How do you move the answer from somewhere hidden inside to your conscious knowing? We have answers. We have knowing. We lack our own access. Why? And where is that answer inside of me? 


Its the access that we week, isn’t it? Isn’t that all any knowing is? Isn’t that all anything we do is about? Access to what we want, whatever it may be; no matter how selfish or philanthropic. 


Movement, I suppose. If an answer must move from a shadow into light within my body, as that is all that I am – the vessel of my access (consciousness?) – then perhaps I must move my body. When I dance, will the answers come? When I walk or run or make love? 


Sometimes, when I am making love an answer will come. Sometimes afterwards when I am a pulsing stillness. Intense movement contained in the frame of my skin, which I suppose is also moving in its own imperceivable way. Imperceivable to me. Light swirls and cell multiplication that I am wholly unaware of unless I am thinking about it. 


And so what is stillness? Teachings say, in the stillness you find the answer. What is stillness, then, if everything is in constant motion, lest is be frozen or dead? 




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