Fear: 11.18.16




I do not fear one person’s hate. I fear a growing collective consciousness of hate, name-calling and finger pointing. 

I fear the collective inability to listen and respect each other. 

I fear getting all wrapped up in emotional responses as the whole picture.

I fear mass mentality regardless of which side it is coming from.

I fear a refusal to hear out the other side. 

I fear an inability to look towards where we Agree rather than focusing solely on where we Disagree.

I fear an inability to put disagreements aside and look to the deeper heart of collective concerns.

I fear my own signature on a petition that came from wanting to be involved in some way and ignoring my initial instinct. 

I fear blind anger inciting action.

I fear not studying anger more deeply to figure out what it is actually pointing to.

I fear protesting hate with hate.

The hate of this world needs not exist. It needs not! But let us all be leaders in our own right! Regardless of who takes office, seek to help rather than rely on. Seek compassion. Always compassion! Compassion is the way to peace! Compassion is the way! 

And then with respect, tackle the ISSUES not the people! Let us not destroy each other.




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