The weather went a little wild today. I was twice caught in a downpour. Hail pelted my head as lightening crashed close by and thunder shook all of us trying to make our way home under the dark sky. But the morning was peace and light. Warmth and quiet air.

I walked through the woods with friends in air so quiet we could actually hear the leaves falling through it. It was glorious. And as we finished our tiny picnic; the six of us in a circle giving thanks for this simple, joyful experience; the rain began to mimic the leaves, abundant as the raindrops themselves, floating down through the branches overhead. 

As the leaves got overtook by the drops, we made our way down the mountain and forgot what it meant to be dry. There were other walkers hiding under rock formations to wait it out as we tred by. 

It was good to get caught in the wild weather. To scream and run and shield my head from the hurtling ice. To feel the sensations of unrest. Even briefly. It is something else to explore more deeply.  How much unrest can I withstand until I am able to rest amidst the storm, quiet like the air of this morning, even as it rages on me?

And nothing at all went wrong today. I took a warm shower after my brief ordeal and though it was lovely, it felt nothing like the rain. 


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