Flowing Into Firsts

Flow by Meryl Ranzer.

 Last week I won a painting (pictured) simply by saying I want it. Ok, there was a little more to it than that. I had to be the first one to claim my desire, out loud, amongst the many fans of this artist hoping to jump on the chance of the painting. So, in order to “win” I had to first be aware of the opportunity, secondly know that I wanted it, thirdly pay close attention to my timing to avoid being late to the party, and finally take action NOW! Waiting even one second once I saw the winning slot open would have meant losing the coveted painting. I had to be in perfect flow with my desire so as not to question anything and simply reach out and take what I want. 


I am trying to cultivate this state of being more and more into how I live my life, how I attack (or rather allow) my career, how I express my feelings and who I am in the world. It was a perfect flow of all things corresponding in the universe to say, Yes, Mara, you can have what you want – take action, reach out, and grab it!


The artist, Meryl Ranzer of Laughing Pussies, engaged in a sacred art project of giving in order to take her vibration higher in the world and to celebrate herself and her accomplishments! Those of us lucky enough to be included in her post feed were salivating with desire to see what she was making possible for us! Here is what she had to say about the piece I claimed for myself: 


“I looked at the small golden Buddha on my altar, then brought it to my heart and kept it there for a few moments. 


This piece is about trust and letting go. One of things that held me back from selling my art for a long time was a need to hold onto it. If someone else had it, I’d never know it again. How perfect to place Buddha to my heart today. Nothing is ever lost, we are all
energy; my creations are part of my energy. 


When I hold onto things I suffer, when I let them go with ease and love, I feel divine. When I am truly un-attached I am orgasmic. 


Today’s piece is called, “Flow” 7.5″x11″ Mixed Media on paper. Price in the world…$2200, for the Goddess who values her desire enough to say, “It’s mine!”…free.” 


There is much to say about the fact that the painting is a pussy. A woman’s center of creation and identity. Her power center. Power for everything she could possibly give and take in this world. Her center of flow and action regardless of how intellectually she lives her life. (This is another post in and of itself). But it is a connection of the most sacred kind that a woman has with this center of herself and it can guide her to the highest levels of success with Trust, and Surrender – letting go into flow and allowing. Ahhhhh….it feels good to allow. I must do it more often!


I responded immediately: I desire it! It’s mine! … and then expressed my true feelings: “These words: Trust and Let Go are what I’ve been cultivating in myself for the past two years. Trust. Let go of doubts about all potential missteps. Let go of fears. Part of my desire in wanting it is the challenge to let go of waiting for what may come tomorrow (ie is this the right action to take right now? Should I wait to have all the information? Prepare more? Will tomorrow’s painting be a better choice?) NO – now is right. This painting is mine now! My desires are mine now! Take action on them now! Trust Now. Let go of wait and see…only trust to wait and see how my actions today unfold beautifully tomorrow and tomorrow.”


And true to my own expression, the next day, I went hiking on a challenging rock climb of a hike – trusting the ground and the rocks and the trees to support me and lift me up, focusing on right now, the task at hand in the moment, surrendering to the flow and my body’s own intelligence. The only times I tripped were when I questioned what I was doing and then I would think on my actions from the day before: reaching out, grabbing what’s right in front of me, trusting it, letting go into whatever it may bring, trusting it will be right, and flowing.


And so, I begin and commemorate this blog (My First!) with this: I Trust and Let Go. I Flow. I am orgasmic with my passion for life and my art and all that I want to offer – to celebrate myself and what I may make possible for others. 


In gratitude to you for being here, present with me in this piece right now. I send you deep love. 

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