Category: Concentrated Quest

Deep Life Questing in Concentrated Form.


Capturing Blank: 5.27.17

5/27/17 2:10am ________________________________________________________________________________________ How can I capture clouds on a page? Steady, slow, expanding across my view. Grey and orange. White and pale blue. All at once ominous as well a perfectly peaceful resolution. How can I capture the lone hawk gliding above blue jays in branches,  a young cat playing with moths,  black and Read More …

Of My Mother: 5.15.17

5/15/17 10:54pm ________________________________________________________________________________________ And so we tirelessly strive to understand love. Walking the woods, wondering what it is. Roots twisting down into the dark unseen; vines curling up thick, hardened trunks  to mingle with the leaves. Staring into the green.         Staring into the green.                 Read More …

My Ocean: 5.13.17

5/13/17 past midnight ________________________________________________________________________________________ I thought I would say, “The rain is all I require,” until I thought of the ocean. My ocean. The one I know. The one I know like a dance in my body, seeping it’s way into my heart a long time ago. The moonlit ocean; for only in the dark Read More …

Answering Palms: 5.10.17

5/10/17 past midnight ________________________________________________________________________________________ Perfectly in my palms                            lie all the answers. ***                      *** They only sing so subtly I’ve forgotten.   Arm Study, Mara Lee Gilbert, 2012. ________________________________________________________________________________________

The Backyard: 5.9.17

5/9/17 7:57pm ________________________________________________________________________________________ I sit near a gift of yellow tulips. * The clouds had a pink hue just near their edges in the oncoming sunset. Similar to the color of the walls of my childhood room. I remember the swing set and the tree, whose branches I would sit in. I remember that kind Read More …

Nebula: 5.7.17

5/7/17 5:04pm _______________________________________________________________________________ I exist currently as a nebula. Death and birth simultaneously. What a glorious state to exist in! I have been and shall be again. A brilliant cloud of possibility. Form is inevitable, but… Until then I float. *** *** _______________________________________________________________________________  

Anchoring a Birthday:5.6.17

5/6/17 past midnight _________________________________________________________________________ It was my birthday a few hours ago. And I am left tired and wanting, yet fine. It happened and here I still am, forward always. There is momentum and I am on the look-out for my next anchoring spot.  * It was all my mind could do to write these Read More …

Keeping A Butterfly: 2.18.17

________________________________________________________________________________________ 2/18/17 past midnight The only way to keep a butterfly in your hand is to kill it. But then, even so, it is gone. ******** ________________________________________________________________________________________  

The Other Side: 2.17.17

________________________________________________________________________________________ 2/17/17 past midnight On the other side of passion is a dark, black, nothingness. Which is the scarier place to be?  ________________________________________________________________________________________

Seeing: 2.15.17

________________________________________________________________________________________ 2/15/17 10:27pm Oh my God. I see you now. I see You, now. How on Earth did I miss this? And how you love me. How you love me so painfully mundanely that mundane ceases to exist. It is ripped away to floating through starlight as you sit there at your computer, caring about Read More …